Japanese Art Auction MEGURU vol.2


Japanese Art Auction MEGURU, vol.2 is closed.
Please look forward to the next season in January 2020!

Preview : 29 June ‒ 7 July, 2019
Bidding Period : ~7 July, 2019
Bid Opening : 9 July, 2019

Key works


This is a special selection for Rimpa artists such a Sakai Hoitsu, Suzuki Kiitsu to name a few. There has been resurgence of this school of Rimpa globally in recent years.

“Story of Ise” by Sakai Hoitsu
“Autumn plants and quail, Red Mmaple and woodpecker” by Suzuki Kiitsu

Mingei movement was started by Yanagi Muneyoshi in 1920’s. This section introduces the Mingei artists who created the new aesthetics in the art world.
“Calligraphy” by Kawai Kanjiro
“Calligraphy” by Munakata Shiko
“Tea cup” by Tomimoto Kenkichi

One of the most anticipated artist in today’s Japanese art world is Watanabe Seitei. Introducing here is the special selection of his works.
“Twelve Months” , “Ducks”


We are sorry but our online catalogue is no longer available. Please look forward to the next season in January 2020!

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